A brief introduction to BlueFit

We are really excited for the opportunity to manage Melton Waves on behalf of the City of Melton. 

At BlueFit, our purpose is ‘Inspiring Community Activity’, and we are dedicated to providing the much needed resources to improve the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of the communities in which we live, work and operate.  

We are a family company with our Site Support office based in Moonee Ponds.

Whilst an exciting time for BlueFit, we know it comes with some uncertainty for you. We are very cognisant of this and are committed to working with the City of Melton and Belgravia Leisure to ensure a smooth transition of management.

BlueFit Organisational Structure – Melton Waves

People are what makes our organisation thrive and our members coming back so taking the time to ensure the right people are in the right roles is important.  This means it’s likely our organisational structure is slightly different to what you are used to.

Every BlueFit role at the Melton Waves is open for application and while this step may create some angst, history does tell us that many existing employees will be re-employed.

For those of you that are interested in working with BlueFit, please apply for any of the available positions below. If you do not see your existing role, please select “other” and provide details of your existing role as well as any skills or experience you have that may be relevant.

Our aim will be to ensure that we move through the recruitment process as quickly as possible to provide you with some certainty, whilst still ensuring we have the right people in the right roles.

BlueFit pays employees in accordance with the Fitness Industry Award and we are committed to a transparent, fair and equitable approach to employee relations, pay and conditions.

Transition Date

This is booked for the 1st of July, however we want the team settled as soon as possible, ensuring that we are respecting the current operation and your obligations to Belgravia.

We are looking forward to meeting you all and building a great facility that continues to Inspire Community Activity.

Todd McHardy



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Frequently Asked Questions for staff

BlueFit will be the new operator of the Melton Waves. Please find  below some information regarding the transition process and what it means to you.

Transitioning to a new operator

Who will be managing the facility?

From the 1st of July 2021, BlueFit will take over the management of the Melton Waves facility

Recruitment for all positions has now started

What does all of this really mean and how does it affect me?

All services in the facility will remain and most roles are the same also. BlueFit will introduce new services, look to work through any current operational issues and provide training and support in our expectations. For most, you will simply apply for your current role, go through a structured process to continue working at the facility for BlueFit.

What will happen to my job?

Current Melton Waves staff will need to reapply for their positions. All staff will be encouraged to reapply for their positions. We understand this process will be difficult for some. If you are feeling worried or have concerns regarding this process, please understand that we will make the transition as smooth as possible. Positions will be confirmed as soon as possible and you’re invited to ask as many questions along the way.

What do I tell people who may ask me?

You may be approached by swim school parents, members, customers and user groups regarding the change in management. If so, please reassure them that it is “business as usual”. More information will be provided to them in May and June.

How do I reapply for my job?

We encourage applications to be submitted to BlueFit by Wednesday 31st March.
Applications will remain open after this date, however we are aiming for early April interviews. 

If I am re-employed will my pay remain the same?
Staff who successfully re-apply for their position under the management of BlueFit be paid according to the Fitness Award.
When do I get paid? Will the pay period change?
Staff will be paid on a fortnightly basis. All information will be contained in your on-board process.
What positions will be available?

Please apply for positions listed on the website. If your position is not listed, select ‘other’ and include as much information as you like. The management structure will include the following roles on site and more information on each can be requested now or in your interview

  • Facility Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Swim School Manager
  • Health Club Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Community Engagement Manager
Where will the interviews be held?

Interviews will be held in April online or in person in the  Melton area. BlueFit will make every effort to accommodate interviews at times and a location that suit you.

What if I would like to apply for a position that I am not currently employed to do?

Staff are encouraged to apply for any position that they may be interested in. This is a great opportunity to further your employment at the Melton Waves and can be done simply by completing the application form online. Please clearly identify your current position and any other positions you may be interested in applying for.

I know BlueFit isn't here until July, however can I join the 2021 footy tipping comp?

Please click here to join the BlueFit  Tipping Comp

Swimming Lessons

Will classes stay the same time?

Bluefit Swimming will be introduced at Melton. Please see program information at

The Swim School Transition team and local Swim School Manager will work closely with teachers and parents to ensure as little disruption as possible during the change

Will the levels and programs change?

Parents won’t notice any major changes with the introduction of BlueFit Swimming apart from the names of the levels and teacher uniforms. All previous achievements will be recognised and converted across to the BlueFit Swimming program and students won’t need to complete assessments. Swim teachers will be trained in the new BlueFit Swimming program to ensure you have a good understanding of the requirements. This is our 4th transition from the Belgravia model, so level conversion from one to the other is fully understood

Do swimming lessons continue all year round?
BlueFit Swimming continues lessons throughout the school holidays with a small break over the Christmas period. BlueFit will provide more information to swim teachers regarding these changes during the recruitment process.

Personal Trainers/Group fitness Instructors

Will the Group Fitness timetable remain unchanged?

Yes, other than the name of some classes, this won’t change much. We’ll assess the program after the transition and make slight changes as part of our quarterly process

Will I continue to instruct my current classes? How will BlueFit know what classes I instruct?

As part of the recruitment process Group Fitness Instructors are encouraged to note down the classes that they currently instruct. It is anticipated that most instructors will continue to instruct their existing classes with no change. This will be discussed further in the recruitment process.

If I am on a PT contract, can I continue on this agreement?

BlueFit envisage that any staff members currently on a PT sub-contract will remain on a similar agreement. However contractors will be required to sign a new contract with BlueFit and are encouraged to make contact

Melton Waves is a landmark facility in the City of Melton, which is highly utilised by the community, delivering important health and lifestyle outcomes.
Following a comprehensive tender process, the City of Melton has awarded leisure facility specialist BlueFit to manage Melton Waves. BlueFit will commence management operations from Thursday 1st July 2021, taking over from Belgravia.
In almost all cases, it will be a case of ‘business as usual’ for members and users

  • There is little change to the Melton staff 
  • Group Fitness and Learn to Swim class times and instructors remain
  • Opening hours of the facility stay the same
  • Your remaining visits on your visit pass are still valid

All membership data has been transferred and we have been able to link to the debit company that holds your credit card or bank account details. BlueFit debit all members and swim school families fortnightly in advance and your first debit will be Friday 2nd July. If this frequency of payments means you would like to change where the funds are debited from, please speak with us on Thursday. 

It is important for you to know, there is nothing for you to do in this transfer. Simply continue to use the facility for your health and fitness needs.
It is appreciated that the members and users of Melton Waves would have questions regarding this transition, so a series of FAQs has been developed:

Frequently Asked Questions

Melton Waves is owned by the City of Melton and the management is contracted out to a leisure facility management company. Belgravia has operated the Melton Waves for a number of years and with the existing contract expiring, an open tender process was conducted, as is standard practice.

BlueFit is a leisure facility management specialist, which operates approximately 35 facilities across Australia. BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’. Website:

BlueFit anticipates almost total retention of the existing staff, so you will be seeing the same faces at the facility upon transition.

It will be ‘business as usual’ for programs and services, which will continue to be operated by Belgravia until close of business on Wednesday 30th June.

Apart from new uniforms, members and users will not see any discernible change on the 1st of July. All existing programs and timetables will remain in place initially, and any ‘Belgravia owned’ programs will be replaced with similar BlueFit programs.
Over time BlueFit may implement enhancements to the current offer, and this would be communicated directly with members and users.
While the transfer of the creche license occurs we are unable to open creche services. We will provide an update on this as it progresses.

Fees and charges increase on an annual basis by CPI and are controlled by the council. A small increase may be seen in the coming months. You will receive 14 days notice in advance of any increase.

Yes, your membership will continue with your first fortnightly debit on Friday 2nd July. Belgravia will have debited you up until June 30th. Your access remains active continuously through this transition. If you have any questions on the fortnightly charge this Friday, please contact the facility.

BlueFit will be contacting all existing user groups directly, again with the expectation of ‘business as usual’.

BlueFit is committed to COVID safety and we understand the current regulations are restrictive. We’re all hoping restrictions ease this week so that access will be more open next week when we arrive.

From Thursday 1st July, information can be found at In the interim please visit for updates and further FAQs.

We look forward to seeing all Melton Waves users next week and building a great connection with the community.


As you may now be aware, the management of the Melton Waves facility will transfer from Belgravia to BlueFit on 1st July.

From Thursday 1st July, BlueFit Swimming will take over the provision of learn to swim at Melton Waves. Students currently enrolled in the learn to swim program continue to have their normal class time and they will attend their first BlueFit Swimming lesson greeted by their regular swim instructor.

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that progressively build swimming skills and water confidence. It is important to acknowledge that current students may have not yet learned some of the skills that are in their BlueFit Swimming lessons. During the transition we greatly appreciate your understanding that it may take time to teach these new skills.

Below is a range of information about this transition and your lesson. Most importantly there is nothing you need to do for this transition. You will see the team in different uniforms, signage will change and the level names will change, however, it is business as usual. This change will give you additional benefits such as make-up lessons, the online parent portal and students also have free access to the facility outside of class times. For more information about our class policies visit click here.

Understanding our levels

The BlueFit Swimming program is focused on ensuring our students enjoy learning to swim and that they are in the correct level to have the opportunity to be challenged, learn new skills as well as practice and further develop pre-existing skills. Each level within the program has 8-10 skills that the students are working towards. These can be seen via your parent portal. When all skills are achieved within a level the student is then ready to move up. You may notice some skills being practised within the BlueFit Swimming levels that are different to the Belgravia swim levels. During Week 1 and 2, our Pool Deck Coordinators will observe all lessons to ensure all students are enrolled in their appropriate level. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to chat to our friendly Pool Deck Coordinators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices remain the same and charged by direct debit in advance on a fortnightly basis starting Friday 2nd July. Belgravia have reduced your last payment so they are not charging for classes beyond the 30th June. Your direct debit information has been rolled over for us to debit from without you having the need to re-sign. As the council implements small price increase in line with CPI each year, there may be a price increase in the coming months, you will be notified in advance of any changes to pricing.

You will remain in exactly the same classes however the level names will change. Click here to view the level conversion between BlueFit Swimming and your current program. 

The parent portal allows you to view your child’s progress, book make-up classes, pay outstanding fees and view important swim school resources. You will have access to the parent portal from 1st July. Please note skills in the portal will not be updated until the first few weeks of lessons at the facility.

All teachers who applied to stay have retained their employment, which is a fantastic outcome for the program and ensures your child has continuity with their lessons.

Students will be able to mark themselves absent up to 2 hours prior to their lesson via the parent portal. Students have 12 make up lesson per calendar year. Make up lessons are not transferable or refundable. All class management is done through the parent portal.

Our discount structure is slightly different to what you were used to.  Below is a link to the discounts that will be applicable to your lessons. Click here for more information about our class discounts

BlueFit offers the opportunity for your children to come and practice their swimming skills outside of their scheduled lesson time. Upon presentation of the BlueFit Swimming entry card, children can enter the facility with a full fee paying adult.
Children under 6 years of age: A parent or guardian is free with the child, the parent MUST be in the water with the child.
Children from 6 years of age: A parent or guardian pay entry and MUST be in the centre with the child (they can be a spectator).

You will be able to view this in the portal from July onwards. We assess all children in the program every 4-6 weeks in their class. We continually monitor all children’s progress in conjunction with their swim teacher. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please speak to the Pool Deck Coordinators who are always on duty. It is the Pool Deck Coordinators role to provide customer service and feedback on program participants. As you can appreciate, our swim instructors need to focus on their class at all times!

No, everything remains the same. Upon arrival, have your card scanned at reception. We will swap your old access card over to a BlueFit Swimming card through July. Once you have scanned in you will be given a coloured token. Before your child enters the lesson, they can then place the token in the corresponding box in front of your lesson area. In the first few weeks this will be the same area you are used to, however may change as we have access to more of the pool. Lane maps will be available at reception. Students are required to have a guardian with them to enter the facility.

BlueFit is committed to COVID safety and we understand the current regulations are restrictive. We’re all hoping restrictions ease this week so that access will be more open next week when we arrive.