Salisbury Recreation Centres – Gardens and Ingle Farm

Change in management of Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities

City of Salisbury have selected BlueFit and GreenSpace Management as their preferred suppliers for the management of rec centres, aquatic centre and golf course from 1 July 2023”

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BlueFit is a national leisure management partner operating leisure and aquatic facilities in close collaboration with local governments. We currently operate approximately 40 facilities across Australia and pride ourselves on promoting a family culture within our facilities.

The City of Salisbury, Belgravia Leisure and BlueFit are committed to keeping all employees informed during the transition process and providing you with relevant information to support the change management process. It remains very much a ‘business as usual’ approach during the transition process and leading up until the change in management.

On behalf of the City of Salisbury and BlueFit, we would like to acknowledge and thank every single team member for your ongoing support and contribution to the local community. We are excited about the future of the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities and look forward to building upon the community services and foundations that Belgravia Leisure has created in the local community.

This website has been set-up for current employees of Belgravia Leisure and referees to share important information about the transition process and employment with BlueFit. The website includes a range of frequently asked questions and important information to ensure you are informed about BlueFit’s transition into Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities.

About BlueFit

BlueFit forms part of the BlueFit Group, a national leisure management group, which operates approximately 40 facilities across Australia.

Founded in 2007 by owner and Chief Executive Officer Todd McHardy, BlueFit has worked in partnership with Local Government, Private Enterprise and various partners delivering sport, recreation and aquatic programs and services nationwide.

BlueFit is committed to Inspiring Community Activity in the communities we serve. In fact, this underpins everything we do in our facilities and swim schools.
Learn more about BlueFit in the video below:

Your Employment

Whilst this is an exciting time for BlueFit, we appreciate that some team members may be nervous when it comes to the transition and understand it comes with some uncertainty for current employees. We are very conscious of this and are committed to working with Belgravia Leisure and the City of Salisbury to ensure a smooth change in management.

BlueFit seeks to employ a majority of the current team as part of each transition. In fact, more than 95% of employees have been successful in employment as part of our recent transitions. However, it is important to note that we do require all existing employees to participate in our recruitment and selection process to ensure all appointments are made in accordance with our established recruitment process.

Expression of interest (EOI) process

It is important to note your employment with BlueFit will not occur without each applicant completing an expression of interest form. All employees are required to complete this form should they wish to continue to work at the facilities from 1 July 2023.

To submit your EOI for employment at the Gardens or Ingle Farm Recreation Centres under BlueFit click on the button below. Once you have submitted your EOI we recommend you keep an eye on your email (including junk folders) for further information and instructions from BlueFit.

Any existing employees who do not lodge an EOI will not be considered for employment and not form part of BlueFit’s recruitment process.

For employees wishing to be considered for a position with BlueFit, you will need to complete our expression of interest process before 15 March 2023 to be considered for a role. All future communications about the recruitment process and subsequent transition process from BlueFit will only be sent to employees who have expressed an interest in employment.

We understand referees are not currently employees, however we ask that you get involved in this process by completing the form below.

Our Expression of Interest of employment with BlueFit has now closed.
If you still would like to become a team member, please visit our careers page.

Key Dates

The dates below will provide you with a general overview of our timelines and processes to ensure all team members are onboarded, inducted and trained before the change in management date. These dates are a guide only and are subject to change.

It is important that you understand the key due dates in the timetable below given the short period of time we have to achieve all actions required with the change in management and most importantly ensure our team members are paid on time.

16th February 2023

Team member briefing at 12.00pm and 7.00pm in the Salisbury Community Hub
John Harvey Gallery (on the ground floor)
34 Church Street, Salisbury, South Australia 5108

Please attend only one of these. Anyone that cannot attend, will have information provided on email

16th February 2023

Team member Expression of Interest (EOI) applications open

15th March 2023

Team member Expression of Interest (EOI) applications are due by close of business 

15th to 30th March 2023

Recruitment and selection process conducted 

31st March

Applications advised of the outcome of recruitment and selection process 

April 2023

Team members to receive employment contract and onboarding documentation via SALT self service 

May 2023

Team members required to complete onboarding and upload all qualifications via SALT self service 

June 2023

Team members to complete online training modules 

30th June

Team members to attend face to face training at Gardens and Ingle Farm Recreation Centres. 

1 July 2023

BlueFit operational responsibility for Recreation Centres to commence. 

Frequently Asked Questions for staff

We understand that during this time of change there will be a number of questions raised by employees. We hope that viewing our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below will answer any of the questions or concerns you may have.

Who is BlueFit

BlueFit is part of the BlueFit Group (

Founded in 2007 by owner and Chief Executive Officer Todd Mchardy, BlueFit has worked in partnership with Local Government, Private Enterprise and various partners delivering sport, recreation and aquatic programs and services nationwide.

Operating more than 40 facilities nationwide, BlueFit is committed to Inspiring Community Activity in the communities we serve. In fact, this underpins everything we do in our facilities and swim schools.

Why is BlueFit taking over the management of the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities?

Following a comprehensive public tender process, the City of Salisbury has appointed BlueFit as the new operator of the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities commencing 1 July 2023. Belgravia Leisure’s management of the Facilities will cease on 30 June 2023.

What does the change in management at Salisbury mean for me?

From 1 July 2023, BlueFit will commence management and operation of the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic facilities.
Until the 1 July 2023, it remains a business as normal approach for existing team members with all current staff continuing with their current employment until this date. Once BlueFit commences management of the Centres, small changes will be made to any Belgravia Leisure branding. However, we anticipate that there will be minimal changes to programs and services operated from the Centres.
BlueFit will commence operation of the Salisbury Aquatic Centre following the completion of the construction and commissioning stages in 2024.

What will happen to my job?

For employees wishing to be considered for future employment at the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities, you will be required to submit an Expression of Interest application. BlueFit is unable to commit to employment outside of its recruitment process however, we do anticipate that most staff will be re-employed into the same or equivalent role with BlueFit.

We encourage all team members to complete an Expression of Interest application for a role at BlueFit. The EOI is due by 15 March 2023

What does the recruitment and selection process involve?

BlueFit’s recruitment and selection process comprises five (5) succinct steps. 

Step 1 – Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Team members wishing to apply for a position at the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities with BlueFit must complete an Expression of Interest. The EOI is due by 15 March 2023

Belgravia Leisure employees should complete their Expression of Interest to be considered for a role at the Salisbury Recreation and Aquatic Facilities. Any team member that does not lodge an EOI will not be considered for employment. 

Step 2 – Submit Job Application 

Team members that complete a EOI in advance of the due date will be issued a link to complete a job application for roles at Salisbury. You should apply for the role that most suits your skills and experience and qualifications. Please follow all the instructions, your application will include: 

  • Your availability to work shifts
  • Previous experience 
  • Why you want to work with us 

Step 3 – Interviews

Depending on the job you are applying for, you may be required to attend a group interview. Should you be required to attend, you will receive a notification via email with sessions available to book. A range of days and times will be offered to applicants. 

Step 4 – Notification to applicants 

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application and interview via email. If you are successful, your offer of employment will be conditional on providing the necessary qualifications, clearances and pre-employment checks required. Refer to your email for further details. 

Step 5 – Onboarding in SALT self service 

Successful candidates will be required to complete an online onboarding process in SALT self service. This includes reviewing and agreeing to your employment contract online as well as completing online compliance requirements. 

What does the onboarding process involve?

Active employees will receive an invitation to commence onboarding online. This must be completed before the commencement of your initial shift. This includes electronically signing your employment agreement as well as reviewing and acknowledging key employment policies.

You need to prepare the following information for your onboarding:

  • Your bank account details
  • Your tax file number
  • Your superannuation details
  • Your emergency contact details
  • All qualifications

It is important to note that all qualifications and clearances are subject to central verification to ensure each employee holds the current qualifications and clearances for the role you perform.

Do I need to supply any documents?

Yes, to be transferred to BlueFit we must confirm your working rights in Australia, to do this you must supply one of the following: 

  1. Copy of a current Passport photo page; or
  2. Copy of your birth certificate & current photo ID
What is it like working for BlueFit?

BlueFit is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing the community for over 15 years. We treat our team members like family and value team members who demonstrate outstanding service and who are committed to achieving our mission.

People are our biggest asset at BlueFit and our team members are treated with respect. We are always looking for people who are positive team players and always willing to go that extra mile when it comes to ensuring our families have a great experience in our facilities.

What are the non-negotiables working for BlueFit?

We require all staff to hold a current Working with Children’s Check as part of our Child Safety Framework. In addition, BlueFit team members must hold a current First Aid and CPR qualification. Swim instructors must hold a current teaching qualification and some roles may require a lifeguard qualification.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to keep the necessary qualifications and clearances active at all times.

What happens if I don’t hold the above qualifications?

Southern Education, BlueFit’s internal RTO will provide courses locally close to the change in management date. Any transferring employee that does not have an active mandatory qualification will be required to book into one of these courses.

Will my service with Belgravia Leisure count for continuity of employment purposes?

Employees successful with BlueFit’s application process will commence as new starters. For the avoidance of doubt, this means your service will commence with BlueFit on 1 July 2023. It also means that your employment contract with BlueFit is subject to a probationary period of six (6) months. 

Depending on your employment contract with Belgravia Leisure, you can expect that all statutory entitlements owed to you will be paid at the termination of employment with Belgravia Leisure. BlueFit is unable to make further comments on entitlements, we recommend you discuss these matters directly with your current employer, Belgravia Leisure.

When do I get paid?

BlueFit has a fortnightly pay cycle. All employees receive their pay transferred electronically to a personal bank account nominated during your onboarding process. You will receive your payslip via the email you provide as part of your onboarding process in SALT self service.

When will I be paid by BlueFit?

BlueFit will pay your wages or salary effective from the transition start date, 1 July 2023. Your first payment will be processed on Thursday, 6 July 2023.

Will I keep my current rate of pay?

As you will be a new employee of BlueFit, you will be issued with a new employment contract that will reference the Fitness Industry Award 2020 as the industrial agreement that governs your terms and conditions of employment. Your pay rates will be in line with the Fitness Industry Award.

We have provided the 2022 Fitness Industry Award pay rates for your review. Manager salaries will be negotiated during the interview process based on skills and experience.

The terms and conditions of your employment agreement with Belgravia Leisure will not apply if you commence employment with us.

Will I keep my rostered shifts?

We regularly review staffing and team member rosters based on the operational needs of the business, customer demands and enrolment numbers.
As part of your onboarding process, we will request availability from all Aquastyle employees, and we will always work with team members to ensure rosters are based on availability and the business needs. That said, team members with greater flexibility and availability will enjoy a broader selection of shifts available.
We expect all team members to commit to rosters assigned to them in order to maintain consistency in instructors for our families and high standards of service.

Will I have to sign a new contract of employment with BlueFit?

Yes. To become an employee of BlueFit you will be required to sign a new Employment Contract as part of your onboarding process.

Does BlueFit provide opportunities to work at other sites?

Yes. Subject to availability, BlueFit has the ability to roster employees at other locations we manage in Adelaide, including the City of Playford’s Aquadome. Furthermore, team members may like to consider career development opportunities that may become available from time to time at other BlueFit locations in Adelaide, or other states.


If you have any questions, please complete the following form.

Alternatively, you can reach any of the following people:


Todd McHardy – Chief Executive Officer
0414 637 320

 Joel Perricone – SA State Manager 
0431 334 924 

Brett McEwin – General Manager
0439 986 402