A brief introduction to BlueFit

We would like to take the opportunity to say hello and express how excited we are of the opportunity to manage Windy Hill Fitness Centre on behalf of the Essendon Football Club. 

BlueFit is a family company with our national Site Support office based just down the road from the Windy Hill facility. Many of our team, including myself are locals to the area. At BlueFit, our Mission is ‘Inspiring Community Activity’, and we are dedicated to providing the much needed resources to improve the lifestyle, health and wellbeing of the communities in which we live, work and operate.

This is an exciting time for BlueFit, but we also know it comes with some uncertainty for you. We are very cognisant of this and are committed to working with both EFC and Belgravia Leisure to ensure a smooth transition.

Whilst building the team to take this Facility forward, this will take some time to work through. BlueFit are looking forward to having regular open, honest and transparent communication throughout the transition period. Regular Zoom calls will be scheduled over the coming weeks to ensure you have ample opportunity to ask questions on the process and on our plans for the facility in partnership with EFC.

BlueFit Organisational Structure – Windy Hill Fitness Centre

It’s likely our organisational structure is slightly different, and every BlueFit role will be opening for application soon. While this step may create some angst, history does tell us that many existing employees will be re-employed.

For those of you that are interested in working with BlueFit, please apply for any of the available positions below. If you do not see your existing role, please select “other” and provide details of your existing role as well as any skills or experience you have that may be relevant.

Our aim will be to ensure that we move through the recruitment process as quickly as possible to provide you with some certainty, whilst still ensuring we have the right people in the right roles.

BlueFit pays employees in accordance with the Fitness Industry Award and we are committed to a transparent, fair and equitable approach to employee relations, pay and conditions.

Transition Date

Whilst we are contracted to take over management of the Facility as at the 1st of November, the ongoing impacts of COVID and Victorian State Government restriction means that this date may change. We’ll keep you updated on this through the transition process.

We are looking forward to meeting you all and building a great Facility that continues to Inspire Community Activity.

Todd McHardy



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Frequently Asked Questions for staff

BlueFit will be the new operator of the Windy Hill Fitness Centre. Please find  below some information regarding the transition process and what it means to you.

Transitioning to a new operator

Who will be managing the facility?

BlueFit is the company who will oversee the management of Windy Hill Fitness Centre.

Recruitment for all positions has now started

What does all of this really mean and how does it affect me?
The date of transition is yet to be confirmed, however in the coming months BlueFit will take over the management of the Windy Hill Fitness Centre from Belgravia Leisure. The centre will be “business as usual” as soon as it is able to be opened given the COVID restrictions.
What will happen to my job?

Current Windy Hill staff will need to reapply for their positions. All staff will be encouraged to reapply for their positions. We understand this process will be difficult for some.
If you are feeling worried or have concerns regarding this process, please understand that we will make the transition as smooth as possible.

When is all of this coming into effect?
The new contract will come into effect at the latest on 1 November 2020. BlueFit will be working closely with the Essendon Football Club to ensure an easy transition. Belgravia Leisure will continue to look after the facility until the transition.
What do I tell people who may ask me?

You may be approached by parents and members regarding the change in management. If so, please reassure them that it is “business as usual”. If they have specific questions regarding BlueFit management, please direct them to where they will see information regarding the transition, FAQ’s and will be able to contact us directly.

How do I reapply for my job?

We encourage applications to be submitted to BlueFit by Sunday 30 August 2020.
Applications can be made below.

If you have any further questions about your employment please contact Amber Campbell on 0411 081 045 or

If I am re-employed will my pay remain the same?
Staff who successfully re-apply for their position under the management of BlueFit be paid according to the Fitness Award.
When do I get paid? Will the pay period change?
Staff will be paid on a fortnightly basis. All information will be contained in your on-board process.
What positions will be available?
Please apply for positions listed on the website. If your position is not listed, select ‘other’ and include as much information as you like.
Where will the interviews be held?
Given the current restrictions all interviews will be held online. BlueFit will make every effort to accommodate interviews online at times that suit you.
What if I would like to apply for a position that I am not currently employed to do?
Staff are encouraged to apply for any position that they may be interested in. This is a great opportunity to further your employment at WHFC and can be done simply by completing the application form online. Please clearly identify your current position and any other positions you may be interested in applying for.

Swimming Lessons

Will classes stay the same time?

Bluefit Swimming will be introduced at Windy Hill. Please see program information at

We will be working closely with you and parents to try and ensure we keep the classes in the same timeslots.

Will the levels and programs change?
Parents won’t notice any major changes with the introduction of BlueFit Swimming apart from the names of the levels and teacher uniforms. All previous achievements will be recognised and converted across to the BlueFit Swimming program and students won’t need to complete assessments. Swim teachers will be trained in the new BlueFit Sswimming program to ensure you have a good understanding of the requirements.
Do swimming lessons continue all year round?
BlueFit Swimming continues lessons throughout the school holidays with a small break over the Christmas period. BlueFit will provide more information to swim teachers regarding these changes during the recruitment process.

Personal Trainers/Group fitness Instructors

Will the Group Fitness timetable remain unchanged?
Given current restrictions, the facility will transition with a reduced timetable. We will continue to add classes over the coming months as restrictions ease.
Will I continue to instruct my current classes? How will BlueFit know what classes I instruct?
As part of the recruitment process Group Fitness Instructors are encouraged to note down the classes that they currently instruct. It is anticipated that all instructors will continue to instruct their existing classes with no change. This will be discussed further in the recruitment process.
If I am on a PT contract, can I continue on this agreement?

BlueFit envisage that any staff members currently on a PT sub-contract will remain on the same agreement. However contractors will be required to sign a new contract with BlueFit.

Upon the conclusion of our existing Management Agreement with Belgravia Leisure on 31 October, Essendon Football Club is excited to announce that after a thorough review and tender process, it has awarded the management of the Windy Hill Fitness Centre to leisure facility management specialist BlueFit.

BlueFit operates approximately 35 facilities across Australia, however is based on the corner of Mt Alexander Rd and Buckley St. BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’. We will commence management operations from this Friday.

Rest assured when we re-open the doors at Windy Hill on Monday 9th November you will recognise many of the same friendly faces working at the venue.

For existing customers, all membership, visit pass and swim school data has been transferred across with the handover of the facility. It is important for you to know, there is nothing yet for you to do just yet in this transfer.

All memberships will remain on complimentary suspension, meaning no funds are being taken from your account. Upon re-opening, given the heavy restrictions, we will likely adopt an opt-in model for members, meaning we will not restart your membership until you are ready to return. More detail will be provided in the coming days on this.

At this stage with the current restrictions in place we do not anticipate Swim School returning immediately. We will however communicate with the learn to swim families over the coming weeks as more is known.

Visit pass holders will have the remaining visits transferred across and available to use when they return.

It is appreciated that the members and users of Windy Hill Fitness Centre will have questions regarding this transition, so our CEO, Todd McHardy will be going live on the Windy Hill Facebook page on Wednesday 4th November at 10am and again at 7pm to answer any questions you may have.

We’ve also provided some FAQs below to answer some immediate questions you may have. Communicate will arrive in the coming days on re-opening details.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks back at the Windy Hill Fitness Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following a comprehensive tender process with Essendon Football Club, BlueFit was awarded the management of Windy Hill Fitness Centre. Belgravia has operated Windy Hill Fitness Centre for the past 20 years and with the existing contract expiring, an open tender process was conducted, as is standard practice.

BlueFit is a leisure facility management specialist, which operates approximately 35 facilities across Australia.

BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’.
For more information about us visit

There are approximately 80 local residents currently employed at Windy Hill by Belgravia Leisure.

BlueFit anticipates the majority of existing staff will transfer to BlueFit, so you will be seeing the same faces at Windy Hill when we’re open.

Centre Management staff will change though and BlueFit senior staff, based down the road, will have a strong presence.

Besides the necessary COVID measures, members and users will not see any discernible change when the doors re-open. We aim to provide as many of the existing programs and services you are familiar with, however will need to make adjustments in the short term while heavy restrictions are in place.

Over time BlueFit will implement enhancements to the current offering based on feedback and patronage, and this will be communicated directly with members and users.

All existing fees and charges will remain the same this financial year and standard CPI increases year on year.



Yes, all active membership data has been transferred across however your membership will remain on complimentary suspension until you opt-in. Any change to this approach due to the lifting of restrictions will be communicated.

BlueFit will be contacting all existing user-groups directly, with the aim of moving towards ‘business as usual’ once restrictions ease.

The new website of will go live early next week. You will be able to submit any questions directly through the website.

Alternatively you can email